.NET 5 virtual file system


  • In a single application, it can divide the front end and back end (management system) into separate project projects.
  • In development it allows developers to develop different businesses or modules at the same time.
  • It allows us to split the system function modules and assemble them together.

Quick Start

Install-Package TinyVFS
<EmbeddedResource Include="MyResources\**\*.*" />
<Content Remove="MyResources\**\*.*" />
services.Configure<VirtualFileSystemOptions>(options =>
public class MyService
private readonly IVirtualFileProvider _virtualFileProvider;
public MyService(IVirtualFileProvider virtualFileProvider)
_virtualFileProvider = virtualFileProvider;
public void Foo()
//Getting a single file
var file = _virtualFileProvider.GetFileInfo("/MyResources/js/test.js");
var fileContent = file.ReadAsString(); //ReadAsString is an extension method of ABP
//Getting all files/directories under a directory
var directoryContents = _virtualFileProvider.GetDirectoryContents("/MyResources/js");
services.Configure<VirtualFileSystemOptions>(options =>
Path.Combine(WebHostEnvironment.ContentRootPath, "..\\WebResources")
var provider = new FileExtensionContentTypeProvider();
provider.Mappings[".less"] = "text/css";
  • Virtual files can be used like physical static files in web applications.
  • Razor Views, Razor Pages, js, css, image files and all other web content can be embedded in the assembly and used like physical files.
  • The application can overwrite the virtual file of the module (web resource), just like putting a file with the same name and extension into the same folder of the virtual file.




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